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Our founders saw a need for a team of railroaders that were passionate and agile. We firmly believe the supply of talented railroaders is much lower than the demand. We pride ourselves in attracting top tier talent by cultivating an environment that creates growth through opportunity and healthy culture. We are confident that our people set us apart from our competition. 

A.C. Rail is a firm that puts our customers first, believes that respect must be earned, and trust built over time. The experience our team has gained from years in the industry has provided us with the tools needed to ensure that we can maintain the highest quality of service independent of scale, scope, and complexity. We begin and end each day with a “never satisfied mentality” and strive to ensure that quality is always held to the highest standard. 


What We Do

Railway Worker

Railroad representation of either side of the project to properly manage for a desirable outcome

Project Management

Railway at Night

Track Assessment

Track side assessment for various needs from cost analysis to future planning

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Mobile train dispatching, for train protection of on or near railroad work.


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Our leadership team is highly qualified, having formerly been responsible for thousands of track miles, hundreds of employees, and thousands of high degree curves. Additionally, every team member has met stringent recruitment fulfilment criteria of management-level positions and above, upholding our high-performance and customer service standards. 



  • Managing up to 2.5% graded mainline track with 13+ degree curves 

  • Technical expertise with railroad material

  • Advanced railroad industry project management

  • Environmental Projects

  • Municipality Partnerships

  • Maintenance plan development & Analytics

  • Track assessments

  • Flagging

  • Technical Subject Matter Expert for various court cases representing Class 1’s 

  • Entry-level, to high-level strategy understanding & training

  • All employees are E-rail and FRA 213 qualified